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Admittedly not the most auspicious award for any location, however, the Cheshire town of Crewe has taken the notorious award for the second year running.

Insurance company based research has revealed the CW postcode has the highest ratio of drink driving convictions to motorists in the country.

The bad news is that Crewe has a ratio of 1.66 drink driving convictions per 1000 motorists. The good news is that this figure has fallen from last year when the ratio was 1.74 drink driving convictions per 1000 motorists.

In a top 10 list produced by moneysupermarket.com, 4 Welsh towns and cities find themselves firmly named.

In a direct contrast to the top 10 list, London finds itself with postcodes that dominate the lowest drink driving conviction rates in the country.

Highest Drink Driving Conviction Areas 2016
Drink driving convictions per 1000 motorists

  1. Crewe – 1.66
  2. Llandrindod Wells – 1.55
  3. Hereford – 1.52
  4. Newport – 1.50
  5. Swansea – 1.49
  6. Cardiff – 1.48
  7. Blackpool – 1.44
  8. Carlisle – 1.40
  9. Plymouth – 1.38
  10. Llandudno – 1.38

Lowest Drink Driving Conviction Areas 2016
Drink driving convictions per 1000 motorists

  1. London NW – 0.53
  2. London N – 0.54
  3. London E – 0.56
  4. London SW – 0.65
  5. London W – 0.68
  6. Luton – 0.74
  7. Bradford – 0.74
  8. London SE – 0.75
  9. Ilford – 0.77
  10. Romford – 0.82

The consumer affairs expert at moneysupermarket.com, Kevin Pratt stated: “Most people rightly view drink and drug-driving as totally unacceptable but our analysis shows a small minority are still getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

“This could be because they forget alcohol can stay in the system for a long time after the party is over, leading to their being convicted the following morning when they think they are sober.

“What’s more, an endorsement for drink or drug-driving will sit on your licence for 11 years and you’ll have to declare the offence when you apply for car insurance for five years. The message is clear: if you’re in any doubt about your sobriety, don’t drive.”

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