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In a report that is sure to shock and offend a large portion of the British public, the National Crime Agency, billed as being the UK’s FBI, has said that 750,000 men in the UK have a sexual interest in children and that one third of these men are sexually attracted to children under the age of 12.

The group has said that two thirds of these men will never act out or act on their fantasies but that an increasing number of men are turning to the Internet in order to find sexually explicit images of underage children. They have also admitted that it is virtually impossible to get any kind of an accurate figure, because of the fact that those that do have such emotions do not own up to them. However, they claim that the figures are representative of the current state of affairs and have been created using a host of accurate figures and assessments.

Operation Yewtree, which itself was launched in response to the Jimmy Saville accusations, has apparently helped shed light on the exact extent of the paedophile problem. The NSPCC has even suggested that as many as 1 million children in the country may have been the victim of sexual assault but that the vast majority will never report the incidents because of fear.

Official figures that were released earlier this month show an alarming spike in the number of incidents, or a beneficial spike in the number of incidents that are reported. A number of senior officials have said that there simply isn’t enough room to lock up everybody that has searched for illegal images online, as it emerged that a warning that flags up on computers when a person searches for an illegal image on Google as triggered 3 million times last year in this country alone.

Other experts have warned that the police are sending out the wrong message to potential offenders when they state that they would simply be unable to arrest everybody that searched for such images online. They have also warned that the Internet enables those that would not have acted on their fantasies at all to be able to search for images and videos.