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More than 4 in every 5 business or fleet drivers has admitted that they driver over the 70mph speed limit that is enforceable on the country’s motorways, although the majority still consider themselves to be law abiding drivers. This compares to 69% of private motorists, according to the RAC Report on Motoring 2015. When asked, 90% said that they considered themselves to be law abiding drivers, suggesting that they do not believe that the 70mph limit is an enforceable law.

Totting Up Driving Licences By Speeding

Fleet and business drivers typically cover a lot of miles in the space of a week, and they have always been dogged by a reputation for surpassing the speed limits, especially when driving on the motorway. This reputation has been confirmed as true according to these latest figures, with drivers themselves admitting to breaking the law when they do hit the highway.

Jenny Powley, or RAC Business, said that it is very tempting when covering a lot of miles every day, and especially when running late for meetings, to speed. However, she pointed out that driving at 80mph instead of the legal 70mph limit will only save a driver 10 minutes for every 100 miles that they cover, and that the extra 10mph could cost as much as 25% extra in fuel during the trip.

Defending Speeding Cases By Nick Freeman

Ms Powley encouraged drivers to consider the minimal time saving, when compared to the potential for serious injury when travelling at higher speeds. Plus, of course, there is the potential to be caught by the police, and having points on a licence or being disqualified from driving, could seriously impact a person’s ability to work, especially if they are looking for a job that requires regular driving in the future.

Ms Powley concluded by saying that telematics could provide the answer. These systems are fitted to cars and other vehicles. They can measure everything from the distance travelled by the vehicle to the speed, and even how late a driver brakes when approaching traffic. Such systems can encourage safer and more responsible driving, and many fleet managers and fleet companies are having such systems fitted to their fleet vehicles.