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The AA has published a checklist of things that drivers need to find out and things they need to remember if they are set to drive on roads abroad during the October half-term, although the guidelines apply at any time of the year. The information has been published in conjunction with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the primary point behind the message is that drivers should fully research the country where they will be driving to determine the laws of the road, and to find out what is different when compared to driving on UK roads.

The AA has said that they have published the guide because they found during a recent survey that 43% of drivers drive outside the UK at least occasionally, and with laws being introduced across the UK that mean convictions including penalty points and fines will be more likely to follow drivers home when they return to England, it is more important than ever to ensure that drivers stay on the right side of traffic law in whatever country they do travel to.

12% said that they drive abroad at least once a year, with the most popular country for UK drivers to get behind the wheel being France, due to its proximity and the fact that it is easy enough to drive over there even in the family car.

Further research by the group showed that being involved in accident was the major concern for those that do drive while abroad, with 19% of respondents citing as their major concern on foreign roads. 13% said that they worry that do not know the rules of the road and 10% are worried about breaking down. 7% said that their biggest concern was having to deal with the language barrier that existed.

The FCO said that adequate preparation was the key to making sure that drivers were safe and that they were in less danger of being involved in an accident, or being found guilty of not abiding by the country’s laws. It may also prove beneficial to learn some basic phrases and road signs before getting behind the wheel.