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As we are now well into the winter months, there are storm warnings abound and the chances of driving through standing water are ever increasing.

Following the battering of Storm Angus and seeing how badly the driving conditions were affected, please find below some practical tips on driving through flood water.

1. Decide whether you need to drive or not. If your journey is not vital then it may be better to stay out than take any risks.

2. Plan your journey: During bad weather, most traffic will move from A and B roads to get onto a motorway where the chance of flooding is greatly reduced. The only problem is that this means more traffic and congestion on the motorways. The result is traffic delays and jams. make sure that you give yourself enough time to get to your destination. Take a mobile phone with you, warm and waterproof clothing, wellington boots and a flask of a hot drink just in case the worst happens and you find yourself stranded. Just please remember to not use your mobile phone whilst driving.

3. Make sure you can see: Check your windscreen wipers are working properly. That they are not worn down or damaged. Should there be torrential rain you need to make sure that you can see properly to spot any potential hazards on the road.

4. Light yourself up: Another aspect of motoring visibility is making not only sure that you can see but that you can be seen also. Ensure that you test your headlights, rear lights, brake lights and fog lights. If other motorists can’t see you properly they may not even know that you are there. Also, in heavy rain make sure that you have your headlights on.

5. Stopping: In wet, rainy and stormy conditions your stopping distance is greatly increased. Keep safe by leaving double the normal distance between you and the car in front. Also, make sure you test your brakes before starting your journey.

6. Speed: Or not as the case may be. In wet conditions aquaplaning becomes a real risk. Keep slow when travelling through standing water to keep a better control of your car. Also, it is difficult to see through standing water on the road and you don’t know if you are about to drive straight into a pot hole.

7. Depth: If you can’t see the kerb at the side of the road then judging the depth of the water becomes a real problem. Take our time going through standing water, driving at around 1 to 2 mph. Keep in a low gear and keep your revs high as this will keep water out of the exhaust pipe. The highest point of the road is in the centre so they and keep your car positioned there as you are driving through the water. Make sure that you keep a proper eye out for any oncoming vehicles and take extra care for other road users and hazards around you.

8. Breaking down: If the unexpected happens and you break down in flood water then apply the handbrakes and get out of the car straight away. Make sure that your hazard lights are switched on to warn other road users of the hazard. Call immediately for the breakdown or emergency services, depending on the circumstances.

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