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Drink driving is a problem but it is really brought to the public’s major attention around December when the police and organisations launch their Christmas drink driving campaigns.

However, a question that is often posed is, are there really more drink drivers at Christmas than at other times of the year.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request made by a motor company has revealed some interesting information.

The request was made to 45 constabularies around the country and out of all those contacted, some 32 responded. The information given was the number of arrests for drink driving offences that were made between July 2015 and February 2016.

The figures revealed that the top 10 areas of the UK for drink driving arrests in December 2015 were:

Northern Ireland – 308
West Midlands – 301
Dorset – 269
Thames Valley & Hampshire – 258
West Mercia – 202
Kent – 183
South Yorkshire – 174
Avon & Somerset – 165
Devon & Cornwall – 159
Cheshire – 148

Conversely, the figures also showed the lowest 10 areas of the UK for drink driving arrests in December 2015, which were:

Gloucestershire – 71
Gwent – 68
Dyfed-Powys – 67
Wiltshire – 65
Leicestershire – 64
Cleveland – 63
Humberside – 60
Bedfordshire – 56
Cumbria – 36
Durham – 25

The interesting part is the increase shown with drink driving arrests in December as opposed to monthly average. Below are the top 6 areas in the UK with the highest increases in December drink driving:

West Mercia – 202 December drink driving arrests – 63% increase
Gwent – 68 December drink driving arrests – 51% increase
Warwickshire – 106 December drink driving arrests – 49% increase
Dyfed-Powys – 67 December drink driving arrests – 36% increase
South Yorkshire – 171 December drink driving arrests – 27% increase
Cheshire – 148 December drink driving arrests – 23% increase

So as to the original question of are there really more drink drivers at Christmas, well the figures suggest that there are at least an increase in arrests made for drink driving offences.

Is this because more people are drink driving at that time of year or is it because the police are extra vigilant owing to the campaigns? Well, that is something that can’t be commented on as the figures do not have that level of transparency. All that can be noted is the amount of arrests that are made and how they increase in December.

Please remember that the figures quoted here are for arrests and not convictions. Some of those arrested may well have been or will be acquitted at trial.

What is the final answer? Well quite simply, it is not to drink and drive. Always find an alternative method of getting home if you at risk of having too much alcohol to drive.

Remember, a taxi fare home is much cheaper in the long run than waking up to face a disqualification from driving.

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