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A speeding biker has received a 12 month prison sentence for callously and inhumanely leaving 75 year old grandmother in the road to die, after hitting her. The biker sped off on his damaged bike, which he hid in a nearby pub car park, and then headed home without telling anybody about the accident, and purchased an insurance certificate online because he did not have a valid policy when the accident occurred.

The biker, Michael Coe, was said to have been riding a high power motorbike at 40mph in a 30mph zone, when he hit grandmother Molly Clarke. Rather than stopping to help, or using the mobile phone that he was carrying, Mr Coe sped off in a bid to try and save himself. Passers-by came to the aid of Mrs Clarke but, sadly, she died of her injuries later in hospital.

On leaving the scene, Mr Coe took his bike to a nearby pub car park and attempted to hide it. He then went home, without telling anybody of the accident, and still without calling for an ambulance or assistance. Knowing that he did not have valid insurance, Mr Coe then purchased an insurance policy online in the hope that this would cover up the fact that he wasn’t insured.

On sentencing, the judge described Mr Coe’s actions and inhumane and callous, suggesting that he was more concerned with saving his own skin than he was in help to ensure that everything possible was done for the victim. The accident occurred on a stretch of road in Swansea in October last year at approximately 7am, and the judge said that Mrs Coe had not jumped out or surprised the biker, but that she had been stationary in the road, meaning that the fault was on the part of Mr Coe.

Mr Coe pleaded guilty to the incident, and to not having a valid insurance certificate in place, and he received a 12 month sentence for the accident, as well as a concurrent 4 month sentence for riding without insurance. He has also been banned from the roads for a period of three years.