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The RAC has released data that shows the number of under 17s driving without insurance has risen dramatically.

The organisation made their investigations following a freedom of information request which alarmingly showed that in 2014 991 children under 17 were caught driving on public roads without any insurance.

This figure has equated to 961 boys and only 30 girls, with the youngest boy caught behind the wheel of a car was merely 11 years old.

It is interesting to note that driving without insurance is on the rise for all drivers also. In 2012 14,466 drivers were caught for the offence which can be compared to 15,307 on 2014.

Mark Godfrey the Insurance Director of the RAC stated: “In trying to discover how many people have been convicted of driving without insurance, we found there is a shocking number of children who are caught driving before they’re even old enough to apply for a provisional licence, let alone have proper instruction.

“Sadly, we may have little choice but to accept there will always be a minority of young males who will be prepared to drive without a licence or insurance. The fact that the number convicted has remained so high suggests a greater focus is needed to work with this group, so they understand better the risks and potential consequences of their actions.”