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With the World Cup set to start in the middle of June, at a time when the temperature is set to heat up, and the number of people caught drink driving spikes, police forces across the country have warned drivers against the potential dangers of drink-driving, and have said that those that do drink and drive will be caught and will be punished. With pubs being allowed to open and serve drinks until later at night, there is not only the worry that it will lead to drink driving on the night, but also the morning after games.

The government has said that pubs will be allowed to serve drinks later than current licensing laws allow when England matches are played. While this is potentially good news for fans that want to watch the game in a better environment, it also means that people will be drinking until early hours of the morning. Sporting events tend to see a spike in drink driving offences when compared to the rest of the year.

Summer is also a time when people have barbecues or sit outside pubs to enjoy a drink in the sun; it is a time when drink driving arrests and offences tend to spike during any year. In these cases, it tends to be people that do not realise or think about how much they have drunk that end up on the wrong side of the drink driving law.

Police forces have issued warnings, stating that it isn’t just during the evening of the games when people will be at greater risk of driving while over the limit, and they should also consider the fact that there are tricks or techniques that will help remove alcohol from the body. They have warned that the only thing that will see alcohol levels diminish is time.

Some police forces have also reiterated the point that it isn’t just alcohol levels that will be checked, or drink drivers that will be caught. Driving under the influence of drugs is also illegal, and forces including Police Scotland have said that summer activities are no excuse for potentially ruining lives.