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There has been an increase of 28% in the number of crimes being committed by violent criminals and criminals arrested for sex crimes, that are being monitored after being released from prison. The Ministry of Justice has said that, even with such a rise, the number is still very low. 222 such people were arrested for committing serious crimes, including rape and murder, out of 68,000 offenders that are out on this type of deal. Critics, who include the Probation Union, have pointed the finger of blame at the privatisation of the prison system.

The system is known as MAPPA, which is short for Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements. Different groups, including the police, probation workers, and social workers are tasked with monitoring the individuals, and the exact amount of monitoring that is given to an individual depends on the type and level of crime that they were guilty of.

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For those that are considered the highest risk, there are regular appointments and almost constant monitoring – officials have the power to send them back to prison if there is evidence that they are reoffending or that they will reoffend again. However, criminals that are not considered as much of a threat do not undergo the same level of monitoring.

According to the probation union NAPO, the problem lies with privatisation, and they say that this means that information simply cannot be passed quickly enough between agencies and groups because of the fact that they are not connected to one another. They also said that it was a massive jump, from 174 instances to 222 instances, and that it required careful analysis to determine what is going wrong and what can be done to resolve it.

8 out 10 of the crimes were committed by those that were considered the lowest risk, and so had the lowest level of monitoring. 551 had the highest level of monitoring, and only one of these went on to commit another crime during the monitoring period. The total number of people that were being monitored rose by 5% because of an increase in the number of sex offenders.