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Celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman has said plans to have minor motoring offences heard by dedicated driving courts in England and Wales will not solve hold ups in the legal system.

Mr Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said a large part of the problem was down to the Crown Prosecution Service failing to do its job properly.

“If the police and CPS did their job properly and correctly in the first place, ensuring they had all the facts correct, then you would not have so many people challenging the findings in court.

“This is where the hold ups are, and this is where the Government should be looking at tackling them.

“We had these courts in the seventies and eighties, and they were abandoned as they did not work efficiently; simply shifting the constitution of the work from one court to another does not solve the problem.”

Mr Freeman added: “The delays are a consequence of the CPS not having the advance disclosure available before the first hearing; their failure to comply with court directions; and unqualified prosecutors who have no authority to make decisions and innumerable administrative hearings that congests the court’s valuable time.”

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