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The country’s leading motoring lawyer is renewing calls for a change in the law which would see cyclists being forced to comply with the same rules as motorists.

Nick Freeman – aka Mr Loophole – said there is an urgent need for a change in legislation for cyclists, including bicycles carrying identification plates.

nick freeman driving on the continent

And, in addition to abiding by all traffic signals, he said it should be made law for all cyclists to wear helmets, hi-visibility clothing and not to listen to music through headphones.

Mr Freeman said: “Cyclists are incredibly vulnerable and wearing helmets and sporting hi-vis clothing – which will cut down on deaths and injury – should be made mandatory.

“In addition there are a number of cyclists who seem to totally disregard the Highway Code and ignore signals and junctions at their own peril. Motorists are easily identified by their registration plates, but cyclists are relatively anonymous.

“The Government must look at introducing a raft of legislation which deals with identification, visibility, compliance with road traffic regulations, insurance, cycle excise licence and compulsory use of a helmet. This list is not exhaustive.

“The goal is to improve the quality of driving and cycling by both parties, thus increasing accountability and enhancing road safety.”

He added: “Undertaking when approaching left turns, ignoring red lights, not being visible in low light conditions and mounting pavements are just a small number of practices that are commonplace.

“Enforcing this kind of legislation is in the best interests of all road users. It will tackle slipping road safety standards head on.

“The Cycling Proficiency test should be made compulsory for cyclists using public highways. To pass it means reaching a certain level of competency and an understanding of the rules of the road.”