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A man who was reported as driving a hire car dangerously was eventually tracked down by a police dog.

The incident occurred when police officers observed the car driving through a red light. They attempted to pull the vehicle over but the driver ignored them.

The driver carried on, jumping another red light before it sped away at high speed.

The police decided not to chase owing to public safety however, checks revealed that the offending vehicle was a hire care.

A short time later, a call was made to the police as the car was now abandoned and a witness through it was suspicious.

The police attended and deployed a dog unit who shortly found the driver hiding behind a house, a short distance away.

Other than being arrested on suspicion of driving dangerously, police also found a quantity of cocaine.

Initial reports have also stated that the driver was allegedly driving whilst disqualified.

At the time of writing, no court date had been set.