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Boston & Skegness MP, Matt Warman has attended a meeting with Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary in relation to sentencing for drink driving cases.

The meeting was attended by 22 cross party members and proposals the sentencing of drink driving cases was very much on the agenda. The main thrust was a toughening of sentences for drink driving, especially where the offence has caused a fatality.

Concerns from those attending the meeting were aired regarding the current sentencing practices for drink driving cases and also how foreign nationals were dealt with for the offence. Mr Warman MP raised his concerns over foreign nationals drink driving on British roads and whether or not they had previous convictions for the offence in their Country. He also asked for better data sharing so that prosecuting authorities in Britain would know of the defendant driver’s predilection for the offence of drink driving, indeed if they had been previously convicted at all.

Interestingly Mr Warman MP urged ministers to add drink driving to the list of criminal offences for which a foreign national could be deported.

After the meeting, Mr Warman MP was quoted as saying:

“Decades of campaigns in the UK have seen drink-driving levels fall nationally, but it remains an offence in Lincolnshire that court reports weekly show remains a serious local issue.

“I was pleased to raise my concerns about it with justice ministers, and call for harsher sentencing rules to be put in place to help tackle the problem. It is important that sentences for drink-driving are equally tough on anybody who has broken the law, but where an offence has been committed by a foreign national, I believe that prosecutors should be better able to identify people who have been banned abroad, better able to prosecute and ultimately able to consider deporting that individual – drink-driving costs lives, so we need a serious deterrent for all those who do not obey our laws on it. I look forward to seeing further action on this issue in due course, and will be closely following the government’s work on the matter.”

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