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Increasing fines for motorists caught “excessive speeding” will do little to stop the problem, the country’s leading road traffic lawyer has warned.

Instead, Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said if the government was serious about tackling this issue it needed to do something which would not win the populist vote – namely imposing a mandatory three-month disqualification at speeds within certain parameters.

Mr Freeman said: “What motorists fear most of all is being removed from the road. That’s the thing that really resonates with them.

“Whilst an increase in fines will raise more cash for the government’s coffers, it won’t act as an effective deterrent.

“To me it seems a simple solution, one that is akin to the illegal usage of mobile phones.

“Whilst disqualifying drivers might not be popular, it would clearly lead to a massive reduction in speeding, which, after all, is what the government is seeking to achieve.”

He added: “Additionally, the roads need policing by traffic officers, not just robotically by cameras. Drivers are savvy, they know where the speed cameras are, and will slow down for them.”