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Police in North Wales have arrested nearly 100 people on suspicion of drug driving or drink driving during their targetted World Cup campaign.

Officers started the Wales Summer Anti Drink and Drug Driving campaign on June 14 to coincide with the football tournament, and have arrested 55 people on suspicion of drink driving, and 40 on suspicion of drug driving.

These figures show an increase on the same period last year, with 47 drink-related and 39 drug-related arrests for people caught behind the wheel.

Inspector Dave Cust of NWP’s roads policing unit said despite high profile campaigns and increased awareness, many drivers continued to break the law.

He said: “We announced at the start of this campaign that we would be focusing our efforts to target drink and drug drivers.

“Despite that warning, in just over two weeks, almost 100 motorists have been arrested in north Wales following a roadside breath or drugs test.

“If convicted, each could be disqualified from driving for at least 12 months, face a heavy fine and many could lose their jobs.

“This is clearly unacceptable.”

Patrols have increased, and police are using “a range of tactics and intelligence” to catch those driving under the influence.

“Using the latest technology, we are better equipped than ever before to detect someone they expect of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” said Inspector Cust.

“We are seeing more arrests as a result of our intelligence-led operations, in particular when it comes to those driving under the influence of drugs.

“Drink and drug drivers are a danger to themselves, their passengers and other road users.

“The sole reason we carry out these campaigns is to help keep people safe on the roads, and I would like to encourage anybody who may have concerns about those driving under the influence to contact us – they could possibly save a life.”