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In drink driving news, a 28-year-old man from Hayes, West London, has been jailed for thirteen years after a fatal crash in which he killed three teenage boys while he was driving under the influence of drink and drugs.

Jaynesh Chudasama killed Harry Rice, 17, and George Wilkinson and Josh McGuinness, both 16, when he ploughed into them at 70mph on January 26.

Chudsama fled the scene of the crash in which McGuinness was hit with such force he was thrown over a fence and landed in a cemetery, while Rice was carried along on the bonnet of the car until it hit the cemetery wall. Wilkinson was found half on the road and half on the pavement, with a girl holding his hand.

Branded “a coward” by one of the boys’ parents, he was pursued by two other boys and held until his arrest by police.

Chudsama’s blood analysis showed him to have 79mg alcohol per 100ml blood – just one milligram below the legal limit, however this sample was not taken until 8 hours after the crash. Estimations suggest that his levels at the time of the crash would have been 213mg alcohol per 100ml blood, putting him nearly three-times the legal drink-driving limit.

He was also found to have traces of cannabis in his system.

On sentencing, Judge Wendy Joseph QC said: “It is obvious that nothing a court can do can measure the loss of Josh, Harry, and George for the obvious reason that their loss is immeasurable.”

As they reacted to the sentence at the Old Bailey, the victims’ parents said the jail term was “an insult to the lives of their children”.

Jailed for three counts of causing death by dangerous driving, Chudsama was sentenced to serve thirteen years, as well as banned from driving for thirteen years and six months. The current maximum sentence is 14 years, however, the court also heard that Parliament is considering proposals for life sentences for the most serious cases.

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Drink Driver Causes “Thousands Of Pounds” Worth Of Damage After Crashing Into Garden

A teenage drink-driver from Lincolnshire has pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol at Boston Magistrates Court after an accident on February 25.

According to prosecutor Jim Clare, Daniel Emerson’s car was found damaged and abandoned on a front lawn the morning after he had been out drinking with friends. He was found at a friend’s house nearby and admitted he had been drinking the previous night.

Emerson originally told the police that he had been refused entry to a bar and then hailed a taxi to get home, but then later remembered he had crashed the car and fled the scene.

Mr Clare told the court that damage to the fence ran into “thousands of pounds” with an additional £200 for damage to the lawn, but informed magistrates they had no power to award compensation, and the victims would have to seek action in a civil court.

Defending Emerson, Helen Coney said that it was only through Emerson’s own confession that he was known to be the driver. The sixth-form student could not explain how he came to be in his car when he had taken a taxi home, or why he had chosen to drive. She also disputed the figures quoted by Mr Clare, saying the cost of repairing the fence would only be £120.

After pleading guilty to drink-driving, magistrates banned him from driving for 12 months, fined £81 and ordered to pay £115 in costs and charges.

His ban may be reduced by 12 weeks if he takes the drink-drivers’ rehabilitation course.

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Drug Driver Leads Police On 100mph Chase Through City Centre Before Being Rammed Off Road

A drug-driver, already on bail for conspiracy to supply and with previous convictions for drug-driving, has been jailed for twelve months after trying to escape police in a high-speed chase through Leeds.

Leeds Crown Court heard that Robert Williams sped off after police officers indicated for him to pull over on the M621 slip road.

He went back onto the motorway before leaving and driving through a red light. High on cannabis at the time, he continued to drive on the wrong side of the road, other red lights, overtook vehicles and forced a pedestrian to escape his path while driving up to 100mph, including at 90mph in a 40mph zone, said prosecutor Robert Galley.

Williams was finally forced off the road when a police car deliberately collided with him as he tried to drive onto the A64 exit road. His car spun and he was arrested when it came to a stop. He was also found in possession of cannabis.

At the time of the offence on October 17, Williams was on bail awaiting sentence for charges of conspiracy to supply cocaine and money laundering, and already has previous convictions including possession with intent to supply cannabis, possession of cocaine, and driving while disqualified.

Pleading guilty to the supply and money laundering charges, Williams was sentenced to six years imprisonment in December last year.

Regarding the most recent incident, Williams pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, failure to stop, driving with drugs over the prescribed limit, and possession of cannabis. Alan Armbrister, defending Williams, said: “This was a truly awful piece of driving.”

Judge Simon Phillips QC added a further 12 months to his six-year sentence, as well as banning Williams from the roads for two years following his release. He will also need to take an extended resit before being allowed to drive legally again.

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Police “Supercab” Catches Driver “Watching iPlayer” On Mobile Phone While Driving

Police officers from Surrey and Sussex Police Forces have teamed up in a campaign to target distracted drivers – those who are not paying sufficient attention to the road because of distractions such as mobile phones.

Using the new police “supercab” – an HGV provided by Highways England – officers are able to spot driving offences that are more difficult to observe from the lower position of standard patrol vehicles.

In just one week in March, concentrating on the M25, M23, and the A3, police stopped 122 vehicles. One driver was caught watching iPlayer on a phone while driving, while another was unwrapping a burger they had just bought at a service station.

Sgt Sharon Kingston for the Roads Policing Unit said: “Working together with Highways England, we were once again able to work in a cost-effective way towards our joint aim to provide a safe and reliable road transport system for all drivers.

“Using the new “supercab” with an increased height allowed us to spot far more drivers committing some of the offences which can have such a devastating effect on the county’s roads – the ‘fatal 4’ as they are named, including drink/drug-driving, using a handheld mobile phone, speeding, and seat belt offences.

“We hope that the campaign will remind motorists that they should always drive safely and that even though they might not see a marked police car nearby, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t being spotted.”

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