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A teacher at a college in Chester has been banned from the roads for nearly two years after being caught drink driving.

The 25-year-old woman from Mold taught media part-time at Cheshire College South and West and was hoping to extend her contract to full time. Mike Pugh, speaking in her defence at North Wales Magistrates Court, said that given her conviction and the nature of her work her job could be at risk.

Mr Pugh went on to say that his client suffered from depression and anxiety and a reference from her partner, also employed at the college, expanded on her background.

The defendant admitted driving a Peugeot in Mold with 91mcg alcohol per 100ml breath on October 17. The legal limit is 35mcg.

Prosecuting, Justin Espie said that just before midnight, local police indicated for her to stop by switching on their emergency lights. After attempting to park three times and stalling twice it seemed she was unable to do so successfully before finally stopping on an angle.

As the police officers started to speak to her she said to them: “I know I am going to be over.”

“It is as early a guilty indication as you are ever going to get,” said Mr Espie.

Addressing the court, Mr Pugh stated that his client had no previous convictions, suffered from depression and anxiety and was taking medication for them, however, that day had been “a bit of a down day”.

She had consumed some alcohol at home before driving a short distance to a garage.

Probation Officer Andrew Connah explained that the woman had drunk some wine and then gone to the garage to get some cigarettes. She was genuinely remorseful and had a good insight into the possible consequences of her drink driving. She had now stopped drinking entirely.

Mr Pugh emphasised that his client was not pulled over because of her driving, but because her lights were not switched on.

“She is extremely embarrassed to be before the court and is remorseful,” he said.

Mr Connah added that her grandmother had died recently and that, living in her Nan’s house, who had been very much a mother to her, had had a significant impact on her mental health.

The defendant had two degrees, and the college was very supportive of her with the mental health issues she had suffered with since she was a child, and had undertaken various therapies to address them.

He continued to say that through her employment the woman was in charge of some charity work, including the distribution of fruit to the homeless in Chester, and was very proud of this work.

At the time of the offence there had been a break in her counselling and she felt as though she had not been coping particularly well at the time.

After pleading guilty to drink driving, Magistrates fined the woman £365 as well as imposing costs of £85 and a £36 surcharge. They also banned her from driving for 22 months.

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