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The country’s leading traffic lawyer has called fixed penalty notices a “money making scheme” for the Government.

Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, made the statement after figures released yesterday (June 20) showed that whilst there was an approximate increase of ten per cent from 44,000 to 48,000 drivers who were summonsed to appear before a court, there were almost half a million issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Mr Freeman said: “This is a shockingly disproportionate statistic. Fixed penaltys are good for statistics, good for swelling the coffers and they do not clog up the courts.

“They are nothing short of a money making scheme which drivers are being encouraged to take.”

Meanwhile, Mr Freeman said he believed a six per cent decrease in fixed penalty notices was a further example of the government’s fiscal intention.

“Instead of taking a fixed penalty notice, some drivers are being encouraged to partake in speed awareness courses which they have to pay for.”

Mr Freeman added a ten per cent rise in those being issued with a court summons was partially down to the UK’s archaic speeding limits, and he welcomed the proposed pilot due to start in August when certain motorway speed limits will be increased to 80mph.

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