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Cyclists should be forced to use designated cycle lanes, leading traffic lawyer Nick Freeman has said.

Whilst cyclists are encouraged to use specially marked sections of highways and footpaths, many ignore them, choosing instead to ride their bicycles on the main carriageway.

Now Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, is calling on Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin to make it mandatory for cyclists to use these facilities, which have been paid for from the public purse.

Mr Freeman cited London’s new super cycle highway as a classic example where £160m of public money is being spent to create this amenity, but cyclists’ will not be not forced to use it.

Once completed, this will lead to lengthy tailbacks for commuters each and every day, as roads have been narrowed to accommodate the new cycle path.

Mr Freeman said: “Government at both local and national levels seem hell bent on making it increasingly difficult for car users to get around towns and cities, when what they actually should be doing is making it easier.

“Instead, they are dancing to the tune of a very vocal cycling lobby, which adopts an extremely aggressive stance to roads and other road users, especially motorists.

“Cyclists often say roads are too dangerous for them, and I totally agree. However, when it comes to designated cycle lanes, many elect to ignore them, which is not only futile but utter madness.

“The government must introduce legislation to make the use of these lanes compulsory. If not, what’s the point in them? Each one comes at a cost to the tax payer, be it in paint and signs or, as in London’s case, constructing them.”