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Grandparents are risking the safety of their grandchildren while driving them around, because they are using incorrect car seats or do not bother with child seats at all. Even if they are never involved an accident, and therefore do not pose any threat to the child’s safety, the driver could be fined £100 for an incorrect car seat, and this could be as high as £500 if the case goes to court.

Car seats are used to help ensure that children are safe while they are being driven in the car. Standard car seats do not offer protection to little children, and they could actually pose more of a danger than they prevent. Different types and styles of car seats are available, and each has their own potential uses and their own likely benefits.

Booster seats are backless seats that should only be used for older and taller children. They are not effective as a means of protection for smaller children and toddlers, but because they are convenient and can be shifted into and out of the car quickly and easily, many grandparents rely on these types of car seat even though they are not suitable and are incorrect.

The fine for having no car seat is £100, and if the case goes to court for whatever reason, then the maximum fine rises to £500. This gives extra incentive for drivers to ensure that they have the proper car seat fitted. Parents and car owners are also being reminded, through a current campaign, that children wearing thick winter coats could be placed in danger because the coat effectively prevents the seats and seat belts from working properly.

Booster seats are convenient because they can be easily removed when they are not required, and they can be stored out of the way, however, it is vital to ensure that a child always has the proper protection when they are in a car. Kids don’t need to use child seats when they reach the age of 12 or if they are taller than 4ft 5, whichever occurs sooner, but should always have an appropriate car seat until this time.