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A survey completed by the Trusted Drivers group, has found that a half of drivers do not conduct regular maintenance on their vehicles. Although the survey only questioned 1,000 people, if this rate is applied to the car owning population as a whole, it means that nearly 20 million people are driving cars that have not had their tyre pressure and tread level, or oil levels, checked in several months. 7% of respondents said that they never performed these basic checks.

Once a car reaches three years old, in the UK, it is required to have annual MOT checks. These checks ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy and safe, but it is the responsibility of the car owner to ensure that the vehicle remains safe and does not pose a danger while being used for the rest of the year.

Regular servicing is also considered important to the life of a car. This not only checks oil levels, but also maintains a range of other features in and on the vehicle. However, many people do not fully understand when a car should be serviced, or how often. 32% of the 1,000 car owners questioned said that they did not know how often a car should be serviced.

Women proved to be more reckless with their cars than men, as only 47% of females conducted routine maintenance checks compared to 87% of men. Those owners living in Oxford had the worst record; 65% saying that they did not conduct routine or regular checks. Leeds had the highest vehicle maintenance rate as 64% of respondents from the city checked oil and tyres on a regular basis. Not only did 50% of respondents say that they did not conduct regular checks but 7% admitted to never performing these basic safety and maintenance factors.

Owners are recommended to perform three relatively basic checks every month, and before going on long journeys. These checks are to ensure that the engine oil level is at the right level, that tyres are at the appropriate pressure, and that tyre treads are not too low.