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Soaring insurance premiums, a lack of money, and moves by the insurance industry to stamp out insurance “fronting” have led to approximately a half of all new drivers to drive without insurance leading to 10,000 motorists being disqualified within two years of first receiving their licence. Driving without insurance carries a six point penalty, which is enough for a new driver to have their licence taken off them under the current probationary period system.

New drivers are awarded their licence on a probationary, trial period, and while experienced drivers are able to tot up twelve points within three years before they risk being disqualified, a new driver can lose their licence for amassing six points in just two years. Because this is exactly the number of points that are given for driving without insurance, which is considered a major penalty, it means that many new drivers are running the risk of losing their licence almost straight after receiving it.

Police and motoring groups have warned young drivers, and anybody willing to get behind the wheel of a car without properly insuring it, that automated systems and digital systems make it much easier for the police and DVLA to track offenders. While it was once necessary for the police to pull a car over and check insurance documents, the whole process can now be completed digitally.

Auto Express, the motoring journal, has conducted a survey of young and new drivers and the figures show that a half of drivers have driven without insurance within two years of getting their licence. Figures also show that 10,000 people every year are banned within six months of passing their test. Although driving without insurance is the most common cause of a ban, because of the combination of high insurance premiums and the six point penalty, a number of other offences have also led to similar bans.

Young people view driving and owning their car as a rite of passage, but insurance premiums had, until two years ago, rocketed to virtually unaffordable levels and this has seen many drivers, not just those that have recently passed their rest, running the risk of losing their licence by driving without proper insurance.