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Following the announcement by the ONS that more than half of hate crimes are not reported to the police, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has launched an app for Android and Apple phones that can be used to instantly report hate crimes as they occur. The app also allows for the submission of photo and video evidence, which the mayor hopes will help to reduce the number of hate crimes that are committed in the capital.

Hate crimes are classified as any type of crime that is committed against a person or their property, and was perpetrated because of that person’s race, religion, sexuality, or disability. The most common of hate crimes are racially motivated hate crimes, although an increase in the number of crimes committed against the LGBT community has also been noted.

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The app was launched to coincide with National Hate Crime Awareness Week. The Mayor said that the number of these crimes that are being reported has increased, and that this was important, but also said that this must continue to increase, while the number of crimes committed must be reduced. On launching the app, his office said that it was their intention to make the reporting of such crimes easier and quicker.

The app can be downloaded on mobile phones and other mobile devices, and is available for both Android and Apple devices. Users can then immediately report any form of hate crime to the police, they can include details of what happened, and they can also include photographic and video evidence. The reports are sent privately to the police and the information can be used to assess what support is needed and what help should be provided.

Nearly 15,000 hate crimes were reported in the capital alone, last year, representing the area with the greatest number of this type of crime. Comparing the number of people that say they have been victim to this kind of crime in the Crime Survey to the number of police reports received does indicate that more people are willing to report incidents, but there is still a considerable difference.