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The penalty for drivers flouting the law banning them from using mobile phones should be increased, says the country’s leading traffic lawyer.

Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said research had shown illegal use of a mobile phone can be just as dangerous as drink driving – and the punishment should be changed to reflect this.

Mr Freeman was speaking after it was reported passengers on a bus asked the driver to stop using a mobile phone, but refused. The matter is now being investigated.

Mr Freeman said: “The current penalty of a £60 fine and three points on a licence needs to be increased to act as a real deterrent. Currently it is not having the desired effect.

“Drink driving carries a minimum 12-month disqualification for a first offence. My view is the penalty for illegally using a mobile phone should be increased to either six penalty points or a 28 day period of disqualification.

“This period of disqualification should be increased if there are further offences within a three year period.”

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