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The country’s leading motoring lawyer has said the UK must step in line with the rest of Europe and reduce the drink drive limit.

Currently the legal limit is 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood – some 30mg higher thanother EU countries – which, says Nick Freeman, the Government must address when Parliament returns next month.

Mr Freeman said: “The Government claims to be passionate about road safety yet it continues to prevaricate on this very issue.

“Each December it launches its anti drink drive campaign whilst at the same time failing to grasp the nettle and introduce legislation to reduce the drink drive limit.

“The Scottish Government are preparing to push through a bill to lower the legal limit 50mg, and they must be applauded for this.”

In 2012, the Department for Transport estimated the number of casualties in reported drink drive accidents that year to be almost 10,000. The figure includes some 280 fatalities – 16 per cent of all road deaths in 2012.

Mr Freeman added: “At the current level the chances of a driver having an accident increase four-fold. This doesn’t sit comfortably with a government which professes to be concerned about road safety.

“In the last 20 years we have seen the number of casualties resulting from drink driving in this country fall by two thirds, but we are still seeing 10,000 a year – that is far, far too many.

“A 50mg limit means that for many people just one drink may approach the limit and any more would probably render them unable to drive legally. The risk of prosecution will deter most from having that extra drink.

“We all know the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol; its massive impact on judgement and reaction times, but clearly awareness isn’t enough.

“That is why I am calling on the Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin to do something positive rather than paying lip service to the road safety lobby.”

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