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A leading criminal lawyer is warning revellers who drink too much at their office Christmas party that they could wake up with more than a hangover!

Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said that in a number of instances which had started as a “kiss under the mistletoe” would, in some cases, end with a charge of sexual assault or rape when morning-after guilt had kicked in.

Earlier this year, the lawyer – who has successfully defended clients including actors, premier league footballers and rock stars – urged those consuming alcohol on a night out to exercise the utmost caution and even go so far as to carry “consensual sex” forms!

Defending Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Mr Freeman said: “The number of allegations of sexual assault and rape increases during the festive season, and the majority of these are allegations are dependent on the issue of consent.

“Whilst this is the party season, my advice to men in particular is to be aware that not only does alcohol seriously impair your mental capacity, but consent cannot be given by someone who is inebriated.

“Therefore, leave the mistletoe at home and steer a wide berth from anyone who falls into the category.

“This will save you and your family a massive amount of trauma, stress and expense, and that is to say nothing about the damage to your reputation, because you won’t be protected by the veil of anonymity that your accuser will.”