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A drink driver from London has been sentenced to nine years in prison after it was determined that he went on a Sunday morning vodka binge before getting behind the wheel of his car and killing a motorcyclist. The man was already disqualified from driving, and had drank enough that it had significantly impact his ability to drive and make sensible driving decisions. The man fled the scene of the accident, with a friend, without reporting the incident to police.

32 year old Zbigniew Zawistowski drove into 55 year old Kevin Jenkins in South Croydon last year. The driver then left father Mr Jenkins for dead. He had been witnessed driving erratically after leaving a friend’s house. He nearly struck two pedestrians before turning right and ploughing into Mr Jenkins. Zawistowski and his pedestrian fled the scene without reporting the accident to police and without calling an ambulance.

Witnesses recalled seeing his bike in a mangled mess at the scene, and the father of two was pronounced dead at the scene, having suffered a number of horrific injuries. Zawistowski turned himself into police three days later; by that time, any evidence of alcohol in his blood would have passed. However, witness statements and his own guilty plea means that the 32 year old has still been charged with various offences including driving while under the influence of drink.

During the trial it emerged that Mr Zawistowski had been disqualified from driving in 2012 for another drink driving conviction. However, despite this, he took out insurance in his brother’s name and even continued to learn to drive an HGV. He was driving a Volkswagen Touareg 4×4 when the incident occurred on June 9th last year.

Mr Zawistowski pleaded guilty to the charges of driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving without insurance, causing death by driving while disqualified, and failing to disclose information. He was handed a nine year prison sentence, and disqualified from driving for seven years. Sergeant Stephanie Watts said that he had paid utter disregard to driving laws and that his actions directly led to the death of another person, and that she hoped his punishment would serve as a deterrent to others.