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Cumbria Constabulary instructed a Civilian Police Worker to target all motorists with a speed gun, regardless of whether they thought they were breaking the speed limit.

Monty was clocked driving at 37 mph in a 30 mph zone in Corby Hill near Carlisle.

Monty was given three penalty points and banned for six months under the Totting Up Provisions. He was also fined £850 and landed with £4,000 worth of Prosecution costs.

Following representations by this firm, the conviction was overturned when the Judge ruled that the reading from the speed gun was invalid.

We were able to show that the Police vehicle was wrongly targeting motorists at random, including those driving at only ten miles per hour. He even trained his gun on joggers and pedestrians.

Mr Loophole said it transpired that the Officer was indiscriminately measuring the speed of hundreds of vehicles, as opposed to ones he thought may have been speeding.

It is extremely unfortunate that the Prosecution felt it necessary to waste tens of thousands of pounds in pursuing a prosecution when they were aware of the these facts from an early stage.