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A woman whose driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs led to the death of her daughter wept as she pleaded guilty to the charges.

34-year-old Amanda Jane Pike admitted causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving and driving with excess alcohol and drugs after colliding with a Ford Transit near Blindfold on the morning of August 24. Her daughter Louisa was sat in the back of her car.

Pike sustained leg and head injuries as a result of the collision and was airlifted to Southampton General Hospital along with her daughter who suffered serious head injuries.

Louisa died the following day.

The driver of the van, a 44-year-old woman, suffered serious injuries to her hand and arm and was taken to Salisbury District Hospital.

While in hospital blood was taken from Pike, which she consented to being analysed. Results showed it to contain 171mg alcohol per 100ml blood where the legal limit is 80mg.

The tests also revealed traces of BZE (Benzoylecgonine) – the metabolised form of cocaine – at 180mcg per litre of blood where the legal limit is 50mcg.

The testing took place around 5 hours after the accident and, accounting for her metabolism, it was deemed that her blood-alcohol level at the time was in fact around 284mg per 100ml blood meaning she was three-and-a-half times the legal limit for both alcohol and cocaine at the time of the accident.

Police Sergeant Phil Lee, of the traffic unit, said: “Alanda Pike’s decision to drive while so intoxicated that day both through drink and drugs has resulted in truly devastating consequences, with the tragic death of her three-year-old daughter.

“This incredibly sad case yet again demonstrates the truly devastating consequences that driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol has; not only for the families involved, but for the wider communities, and I hope that other motorists will remember Louisa and think again when considering getting behind the wheel if they are in any way intoxicated.

“Our sincerest thoughts are with Louisa’s friends and family at this very difficult time.”

Pike pleaded guilty to charges of causing death by dangerous driving, serious injury by dangerous driving, and driving with excess drugs and alcohol. She will be sentenced on Thursday 26 October.

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