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Information released following a Freedom of Information Request has shown that the fastest recorded speeding driver was clocked doing 149mph on the M25 in Kent. Figures were released for the fastest clocked speed of drivers on roads with different speed limits ranging from 30mph up to 70mph. The police said that, unfortunately, speed limits were not always seen as a limit, and it was obvious that some motorists treat them more as a target to beat.

Speeding is obviously an offence, and the typical penalty received by a speeding driver will usually be determined by the speed they were travelling, the speed limit of the road on which they were travelling, whether they caused any injuries or accidents, and their driving history. A Fixed Penalty Notice is the most common penalty, and is accompanied by three points on a licence and a £120 fine. If a case goes to court, the fine is a maximum of £1,000 except for motorway speeding, which carries a £2,500 fine.

Serious speeding offences can carry considerably harsher penalties. It is possible to be disqualified from driving for being a long way over the limit, and if a driver already has points on their licence, then they face the possibility of receiving a totting up ban for reaching 12 points within a three year period.

Freedom of Information requests have thrown up some interest findings in the past couple of years, and this is considered no exception. The Institute of Advanced Motorists lodged a formal request to determine the fastest speeds at which people have been caught. The results showed motorists willing to drive at three or more times the speed limit.

The results showed that 149mph was the fastest speed on a motorway. A driver was caught doing 127mph on a 60mph in Wendover, while another was clocked at 119mph on the 50mph A414.113mph is the quickest recorded speeding driver on a 40mph stretch, recorded on the A17, while a motorist was caught doing 97mph on the 30mph B1288. The 149mph driver appeared at West Kent Magistrates’ Court in March, was disqualified from driving for six months, and received a £600 fine.