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Celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman has joined calls to raise the driving licence renewal age from 70 to 80.

Department of Transport officials are looking at the recommendation after hearing the DVLA is struggling to cope with the sheer weight of forms from those still driving in their 70s and beyond.

The current law states that when a driver reaches 70 they have to send their licence to the DVLA for it to be renewed.

In doing, so they have to declare if they have any medical conditions which could affect their driving. In addition they have to confirm that they can read a number plate from a distance of at 65ft. This exercise then has to be repeated every three years.

Lawyer, author and social commentator Mr Freeman said: “We are an ageing population and much fitter than we were when the age limit of 70 was originally established.

“It’s my intention to be still driving to the South of France when I’m well into my eighties!

“For those who are against the proposal, they need to remember that it is incumbent on every motorist to inform the DVLA and their insurer of any relevant medical condition which could adversely affect their ability to drive.

“This is an ongoing duty and a failure to do so could mean the policy is voided.

“This is one recommendation being mooted by the Ministry of Transport that I do support.”

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