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Criminal and motoring lawyer Nick Freeman has called on motorists to fight back against “goading” cyclists who post videos of drivers on the internet.

Mr Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, made the comment after a cyclist last week made the headlines following an altercation in Reading, which ended with the driver pursuing the cyclist on foot and falling to the ground.

He said: “The time has come for motorists to fight back and film cyclists breaking the law or riding irresponsibly.

“How often do we see cyclists at night without any lights, jumping red lights, cycling the wrong way down one way streets, undertaking, cycling on the pavement or simply cycling down the middle of the road etc?

“Plenty! And these illegal actions challenge road safety by becoming a danger to themselves, to other road users and to pedestrians.

“I’m not against cyclists and motorcyclists using headcams, far from it. But what I am against is provocative and dangerous cycling, which is designed to goad motorists, knowing full well the responses will be captured on video and then uploaded on to the internet.

“Motorists can be easily identified by their registration plates, but cyclists are relatively anonymous.

“The Government should consider introducing a raft of legislation which deals with identification, visibility, compliance with road traffic regulations, insurance, cycle excise licence and compulsory use of a helmet. This list is not exhaustive.

“The goal is to improve the quality of driving and cycling by both parties, thus increasing accountability and enhancing road safety.”