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The country’s leading motoring lawyer has said the transport minister should “get on his bike”, after shelving plans to increase the motorway speed limit to 80mph.

Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said Patrick McLoughlin’s decision was short-sighted and would come as a great disappointment to the millions of drivers who use the motorway network, day in, day out.

Last month, Mr Freeman – whose clients include Premier League footballers and managers, soap stars and supermodels – wrote to Mr McLoughlin, inviting the Government to consult with him before introducing new road safety legislation.

In addition, the celebrity lawyer suggested the pair could meet up at the Conservative Party conference which was being held a stone’s throw from his office.

Mr Freeman said:

I drive 50,000 miles a year and raising the speed limit to 80 mph is long overdue. As we are in an age of variable speed limits I’d go further and raise it to 85mph in appropriate circumstances.

However, we appear to have a Transport Minister who is not fully au fait with his brief and is clearly out of step with the vast majority of drivers in this country.

The national speed limit was introduced at a time when there were very few cars on the road and this was the maximum speed of the Ford Anglia.

He added:

I wrote to Mr McLoughlin last month as I genuinely believe he needs to consult with those ‘working at the rock face’ – where I have been for more than 30 years.

I have not even had the courtesy of a reply from him, and I find his lack of any form of a response very disappointing, particularly as Stephen Hammond didn’t know what lane hogging was.

I believe the time has now come for Mr McLoughlin to ‘get on his bike’!