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Nick Freeman’s book, “The Art of the Loophole” has received a number of accolades since its publication. It has helped many people deal with their legal issues both on this country and as far away as the USA.

The most recent vote of thanks has come from closer to home from Mark Nicholson of Northants and Nick would just like to offer his thanks to Mark for taking the time to write. Please find the contents of the letter below.

Dear Nick

I have read your book. It was amazing, you have a great skill. I liked the part at school where you hated the maths results and became the top pupil. I would love to see you in court working. I would travel to see you. I hope all is well with you and your team. Donald’s great and the receptionist helpful.

Yours faithfully


ps. please sign the book I have enclosed.

Many thanks, Mark.

We have also added a copy of the original letter below