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New legislation, which gives police the power to issue foreign drivers with roadside fines of up to £900, have come under fire from the UK’s top motoring lawyer.

Nick Freeman, dubbed Mr Loophole by the media for his success in defending high-profile clients charged with motoring misdemeanors, says the new powers, introduced today, effectively make the police judge and jury.

Mr Freeman, whose clients include David Beckham, Jeremy Clarkson and Sir Ranulph Fiennes, said: “While the spirit of the new legislation is admirable, it offends the presumption of innocence.“

He added: “Under the new proposals, a foreign driver will have to forfeit money irrespective of guilt. They will then have to revisit England on several occasions in order to contest the allegations.

“This in itself will prove a logistical nightmare and expense will vastly outweigh the point in principle.“