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The country’s best-known lawyer has invited the Government to consult with him before introducing new road safety legislation.

Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, has written to the Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin stating that if the Government were serious about improving road safety, then his department should seek advice from those at the rock face – where Mr Freeman has been for more than 30 years!

Mr Freeman’s letter was in response to a newspaper article in which Mr McLoughlin had ordered a police crackdown on motorists using mobile phones, both making calls and texting.

Mr Freeman expressed his view that the penalty for drivers using mobile phones should be increased to either six penalty points or a 28 day period of disqualification.

He felt that the Government’s last attempt to convince the public that it was clamping down on bad driving on motorways was ill conceived, and a classic example of grabbing a cheap headline without appreciating that legislation was already in place to deal with this problem.

Mr Freeman said:

I have suggested to Mr McLoughlin that we could meet up at next week’s Conservative Party conference, as it’s being held just around the corner from my office. However, he has yet to reply.

If the Government is serious about improving road safety in this country, I believe that they should seek advice from those who deal with the legal issues in the court on a day to day basis.

After all it is they who understand the deterrent effect of disqualification.