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Writing in the Daily Telegraph on 23 September 2014, Angela Epstein has identified some of the more quirky reasons why people end up facing motoring law matters and having to attend court to explain themselves.

The impending release of the iWatch for 2015 has caused a stir throughout the road traffic community with the Institute of Advanced Motorists warning drivers that using the iWatch whilst driving is in contravention of current laws.

Always keeping up to date of current motoring law trends, Nick Freeman published an article on the iWatch though this site on 17 September.

For a further view on the quirky side of road traffic offences and to read Nick’s comment you can visit Angela Epstein’s article by clicking here.

In the article Nick is quoted as saying:

“Take the mobile phone. We know we shouldn’t use it on the road unless it’s hands-free. So, a motorist might feel quite virtuous about pulling to the side of the road before making a call. But unless the engine is switched off then, in law, they are deemed to be using the phone while driving, which will net you three points – which could soon be hiked up to six – and a £100 fine.

“Conversely, people think that using the phone hands-free or taking their eyes off the road to look at the satnav is somehow powerful mitigation if it affects their driving. But just because these devices are legal, they can’t protect you from a criminal charge if they distract you.”

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