0161 236 7007

We have sadly been informed that a person or persons unknown has been holding themselves out to be Nick Freeman and demanding monies from people for supposed legal services.

We were approached by one of the victims of this fraud following which we have immediately contacted the police and given all the details that we know of. We have also contacted our regulatory bodies with this information.

We should state that the victim we know of has never been a client of Nick Freeman or Freeman & Co.

Those undertaking this despicable fraud are operating under a website which has copied much of the real website’s information and displayed a mobile phone number which is not associated with anyone from Freeman & Co. It also has a picture of Nick Freeman on the front page, again from the original website.

This false website can be found at www.freemanchambers.com and if you are directed to this site by anyone holding themselves out to either be Nick Freeman, or who works for Freeman & Co. then please contact the police.


We will continue to assist the police with their investigations.

If you believe that you have been the subject of this fraud please call the police on 101 and let us know by calling us on 0161 236 7007.