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A 27 year old politics graduate has been given a 3 month custodial sentence for paying someone to take her speeding points.

The graduate, Ayesha Ahmed had been caught speeding in her BMW twice within 5 minutes by a mobile speed camera. She was travelling in a 30mph zone and was clocked at both 39mph and 40mph.

However, rather than pay for a speed awareness course, a fine and accept points on her licence Miss Ahmed paid a man she didn’t know £450 so that he could exploit a “legal loophole” and keep her driving licence clean.

Notices of Intended Prosecution (NIPs) were sent to Miss Ahmed who then returned them stating that a woman from Walsall had been driving her car at the material time.

Police became suspicious when it was found that another 8 NIPs had been completed using the same woman’s details in Walsall.

Miss Ahmed was arrested and interviewed where she told police that she had tried to avoid the points by paying a “specialist speeding fine lawyer”. She then claimed that she had been the victim of a scam.

Miss Ahmed stood trial over this matter at Wolverhampton Crown Court and was found guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

PC Steve Jevons, of the West Midlands Camera Enforcement Unit, said: “[Miss] Ahmed has paid a heavy price for thinking she could lie her way out of speeding offences.

“The jury concluded she was deliberately trying to avoid justice and not, as she claimed, victim of a scam by a bogus lawyer.

“She never met this “legal expert”, didn’t have an address or phone number for him, and paid the money via a third party.

“[Miss] Ahmed was given every opportunity to admit her guilt – an admission that would have spared her a jail term – and even the judge asked if she wanted to proceed to trial in the face of damning evidence.

“It’s a sorry tale. She has no previous convictions but a potentially promising career is now in ruins and all because she wanted to retain a clean licence.”

Other than the 3 month custodial sentence she was also banned from driving for 58 weeks.

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