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The reappointment of Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin, means that plans to improve the country’s roads should continue as planned, and the RAC has not only urged for the changes to continue but has said that they believe it means that roads will be made safer.

Despite opinion polls leading up to the election indicating that the results would be too close to call, the Conservatives managed to achieve a majority government. The Liberal Democrats lost a considerable number of seats, the SNP gained dozens, and three major party leaders quite their posts, although UKIP leader Nigel Farage is back in the driving seat after the party refused to accept his resignation. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, wasted no time in preparing his cabinet, including the reappointment of Patrick McLoughlin as Secretary of State for Transport.

Reappointing McLoughlin means that some stability and continuation should be enjoyed, which is good news considering he had promised to deliver on a £15bn plan to improve the country’s road networks. While UK drivers are among some of the most heavily taxed in the world, there have been regular complaints of potholes and poor road conditions, as well as calls for improved motorway networks and methods of reducing congestion around the country to improve the general infrastructure.

The Road Investment Strategy was meant as a means of improving the roads, and would see smart motorways introduced across the UK, potholes being filled, and money being spent to generally improve conditions. Problem junctions were another major point in the RIS and addressing these was seen as a means of helping to reduce congestion levels for drivers.

Another issue that the RAC wants addressed is that of road safety, and especially safety for young drivers and young passengers. Figures recently released show that more than 40% of teenage passenger deaths occurred in cars being driven by teenage drivers. Additional education, further limits, and safety targets are some of the proposed plans that could help to curb a worrying statistic, and McLoughling is the man that will be expected to deliver on the improvements.