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The new government has been called upon by road safety charity Brake to ensure that people flouting traffic laws are properly punished, therefore helping to ensure that drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are safer when on or near roads.

Despite the Conservatives getting into power with a slender majority in the recent general election, the party has been criticised over its sweeping austerity cuts that have been introduced over the past five years. While the coalition government argued that the cuts were necessary in order to help ensure that the country could bounce back from financial recession, critics have hit out at cuts to everything from defence to road maintenance and policing. At the same time, new traffic laws have been introduced, but police have struggled to enforce these laws because they have fewer police on the beat and do not have the financial resources to help back them up.

Changes to existing laws, and newly introduced law, have include the introduction of spot fines for offences ranging from middle lane hogging to aggressive driving. New drug driving laws were also recently introduced, and regular studies and surveys have shown that many drivers break such laws, with some drivers claiming that they do so because they do not believe that they will be caught out.

Road safety charity Brake has said that it wants the government to ensure that road laws are properly policed, and that drivers who flout the law are appropriately punished. They have said that doing so will help to ensure that the roads are safer for all road users, including other drivers and passengers.

2014 saw the first rise in road deaths for several decades, and this has primarily been blamed on the cuts that police have endured, with a number of forces stating that the increase has arisen as a result of the fact that they have been forced to pull back from motorways and other roads, and that they are unable to adequately police roads and look for those that are offending and breaking laws.