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The country’s leading traffic lawyer has warned the “Teves Ruling” could open the floodgate to opportunist motorists looking to wriggle out of community punishments.

Nick Freeman made his comment after a drink driver from Great Manchester used a similar excuse as the former Manchester City striker, who last month was re-sentenced because a move to Italy meant he could not complete his 250 hours of unpaid work.

In this case a 34-year-old from Reddish, near Stockport, swapped a sixth-month community order for a £110 fine so he could live with his parents in Greece.

This was despite the community service order running in conjunction with a drink impairment course to assist the driver with his alcohol addiction.

The Loophole lawyer warned:

The recent Tevez ruling will be viewed by a number of opportunist motorists who aren’t keen to serve out the terms of a community order.

However, they should be warned that a community order is a high-level sentence and is often used by the court as an alternative to a prison sentence.

Motorists would be ill advised to try and hoodwink the courts since they would potentially leave themselves open to a period in custody.