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Theft From Employer

In general terms, theft may involve the unlawful taking of tangible or intangible goods. The theft of intangible goods is often considered in cases of theft from an employer. This type of case can have serious ramifications on a person’s life.

Not only could the defendant be facing a lengthy and stressful court case, but they will almost certainly lose their job and the publicity surrounding this type of case means that it can prove extremely difficult to find employment in the future. These cases can prove challenging for all concerned and will usually require considerable investigation and analysis.

Theft from an employer is often referred to as a theft by breach of trust. This breach of trust element is what usually leads to a custodial sentence although the courts will consider a number of factors, both positive and negative, in order to hand out what they believe to be the fairest sentence.

Guidelines on sentencing are determined by the amount of money or value of the item(s) that has been stolen with smaller values typically carrying lesser penalties. However, if the company that a person steals from is considered vulnerable, or if the money was taken over a long period of time then the sentence will usually be more severe. Even the purpose of the theft will be considered when sentencing is carried out.

The range of sentencing and the number of mitigating factors means that the quality and expertise of your legal representation is vital to your case. Contact Freeman & Co Solicitors to discuss your case and determine the most likely outcome.

Maximum when tried summarily: Level 5 fine and/or 6 months custody
Maximum when tried on indictment: 7 years custody

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