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Greater Manchester Police have said that they are investigating a Gumball Rally event that was organised online and took place outside the Trafford Centre. Large numbers of bystanders watched as drivers of expensive and performance cars showed off for the crowds, but the event saw two accidents, including one featuring a white Mercedes AMG, whose driver has yet to be identified or arrested. The driver of a black Jaguar that was involved in a separate accident during the event has been summonsed to appear in court on driving charges.

The original Gumball Rally was an event that was started by Maximillion Cooper in 1999 and saw drivers competing on 3,000 miles of roads. There are also a number of smaller, one-off events which are arranged to enable car lovers and fans to gather and see the cars.

The meeting outside the Trafford Centre, which is believed to have had the permission of the site owner and also saw GMP officers patrolling the event, was one of the one-off showcase events. However, the police have said that they will prosecute anybody that drives in such a way as to put other peoples’ lives in danger, and they have also said that they will be looking into the use of any legislation possible to police future events and ensure the safety of everybody.

One driver has been summonsed to appear in court after an accident involving his black Jaguar, but the driver of a white Mercedes AMG, high performance car, has so far eluded police. It is believed that the driver used fake plates, and even brought his own car transporter, which was used to ship the car away from the scene following the accident. Police have said that they are getting closer to identifying the white Mercedes driver, and that they believe he has travelled up from London for the event.

Trafford Centre spokespeople have said that the incidents did not occur in their premises, but that they worked with police to help ensure the safety of visitors, and to try and help ease congestion at the entrances and exits surrounding the giant shopping centre.