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The Guardian Newspaper has published a video of Transport Secretary Chris Grayling opening a car door and thereby knocking a cyclist of his bike.

Reports have stated because of Mr Grayling opening the car door, it caused the cyclist to end up hitting a lamp post and ending up on the floor.

To his credit, Mr Grayling stayed with the cyclist until he was back on his feet and then both of them shook hands before leaving the scene.

However, an article on the website bikebiz.com stated that Mr Grayling’s driver did not pass the insurance details to the cyclist as he was legally obliged to do.

Paul Kitson of Cycling UK stated: “A driver has the responsibility to ensure that it is safe for passengers to exit a vehicle and should give instructions when it is safe to do so. They are in a much better position to check what is going on behind due to the positioning of rear view mirrors and they should position the vehicle close to the kerb so that there is no gap between the vehicle and pavement.”

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