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Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole.

Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole.

Councils should use CCTV cameras to help catch and prosecute mobile litter louts, one of the country’s best-known lawyers has said.

Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said instead of tackling the root of the problem, the authorities are resorting to employing more street sweepers to pick up rubbish.

An FOI revealed that one north of England council had recorded a total of zero prosecutions for littering in a three year period. At the same time it had taken on an extra member to join its street cleansing team.

Mr Freeman, whose clients include Premier League footballers and soap stars, said: “I abhor litter and each day when out walking with my dog the hedgerow is freshly littered with cigarette packets, plastic bottles, takeaway containers, cans and crisp packets.

“Everywhere you go there is litter – on roadsides, in parks and playgrounds and on pavements.

“Despite signs and warnings that it is an offence, perpetrators simply ignore these. They know there is very little chance of being caught and, ultimately, prosecuted.

“Councils rely heavily on CCTV cameras to police the streets and catch motorists flouting the law. Now they should use the same technology to help catch those discarding litter from their vehicles.

“The offence should carry a fine and an endorsement of three penalty points. This stiffer sentence, coupled with a realistic prospect of detection, will make the louts think twice before discarding their rubbishy.

“The current system is clearly totally useless.”

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