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After we showed that prosecution evidence, analysed by RANDOX had been unreliable, I am calling for all cases they have worked on to be reviewed. If you were convicted and your case relied on evidence analysed by RANDOX please call us today on 0161 236 7007.


Freeman & Co Solicitors is one of the UK’s best known criminal law practices, headed by its founder, Nick Freeman. We provide an extensive range of specialist legal representation throughout the UK.

Nick Freeman is the most famous solicitor practising in the country today. From his early days as a prosecuting solicitor for the Greater Manchester Police, both his skill as an advocate and his reputation has grown to such a level that he is not only the first choice for many high-profile and celebrity clients but regularly appears on national television and radio as a respected legal commentator.

With Freeman & Co you will receive:

Specialist representation from Nick Freeman or expert counsel
Our unique expertise and experience in cases
Bespoke service tailored to your case, lifestyle and existing commitments
Either Nick Freeman’s or a Senior Solicitor’s attendance with you at a Police Station
Personal telephone support 24/7 from a Senior Solicitor
Unrivalled legal expertise
Enviable track record of successful cases
Sympathetic publicity management if yours is a high profile case

Drink Driving

The consequences of a drink driving conviction can mean that you may lose your job and the independence that a driving licence gives you. You need to seek expert legal advice from a specialist road traffic solicitor.

By calling Freeman & Co. you can be assured that you will have an expert team of road traffic solicitors working on your case and ensuring that you get the best possible outcome.

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Drink Driving Solicitors
Drug Driving Solicitors

Drug Driving

The UK Government have introduced new drug driving laws that make it a specific offence to drive, or be in charge of, a vehicle while under the influence of excessive amounts of presently 16 specified substances. New drugalysers will be used to test drivers at the roadside, and supporters of the new laws say that it will help to reduce the number of deaths and accidents that occur every year.

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Most motorists within the UK will receive a speeding ticket (NIP) at some point throughout their driving career. The sentences for these offences can range from a speed awareness course to 3 points and £100 fine to a lengthy disqualification from driving.

When prosecuting an individual for a speeding offence, the burden of proof is on the Prosecution…

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Mobile Phone Offences

Section 41D of the Road Traffic Act 1988 makes it an offence to use a mobile telephone or other similar device in a handheld capacity whilst driving. The terms “use” and “driving” have been debated at length in case law and as with all cases, the individual facts of the case are fundamentally important as to whether a case can be successfully defended or not. Other offences relating to mobile phones to also exist.

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Drink Driver Banned For Five Years After Third Offence

Telford Magistrates have banned a man from the roads after he pleaded guilty to drink driving for the third time in ten years. The 51-year-old man was caught driving his Vauxhall Astra on May 4 in Telford after he hit a road sign and then proceeded to drive to his...

Drink Driving Mum Jailed After Activating Suspended Sentence

A 33-year-old mum has been sent to prison after failing to comply with the conditions of her suspended sentence for drink driving. The woman was originally handed a nine-month suspended sentence in March after pleading guilty to drink driving and dangerous driving at...

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