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Notice Of Intended Prosecution (NIPs)

Notices of Intended Prosecution (often referred to as NIPs) are a legal requirement in relation to a multitude of offences. They can be issued verbally by a police officer or sent in the post to the driver or registered keeper of a vehicle following the alleged commission of an offence.

The Notice of Intended Prosecution must be issued within a specific time frame, in a pre-determined format and the details must be accurate. It can be a defence to an offence if the Notice of Intended Prosecution isn’t issued correctly or in time.

Postal NIPs are commonly issued with a requirement to provide driver details and failing to comply with such a request is a separate offence which in certain situations can result in a more severe penalty than the initial offence for which a Notice was dispatched.

Advice at the stage of receiving a NIP is essential and can impact on the successful conclusion of a case.

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