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Sexual Offences

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 created a significant number of newly defined sexual offences. It was designed to deal with changing social conditions and modern technology where sex offenders were exploiting gaps and deficits in the previous legislation. It also redefined some of the more common sexual offences such as rape and gave statutory definitions and guidance on issues that are relevant to many sexual offences such as consent.

New offences that were created included offences relating to abuse of position of trust, sexual activity with a family member (not necessarily a blood relative), voyeurism and preparatory offences more commonly known as grooming.

Being accused of a sexual offence, particularly a serious sexual offence such as rape, can have life changing implications. Offences of this type carry a negative social stigma. There is no bar to the publication in the Press of the name of a person accused of a sexual offence, even before that person is charged or convicted. They are not afforded the same protection of anonymity under the law as their accusers.

The most serious of sexual offence, such as rape, carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and always result in the imposition of a lengthy custodial sentence on conviction. Even less serious offences such as sexual assault can result in lengthy terms of imprisonment.

In addition, a convicted defendant could be made the subject of Sexual Offences Prevention Order and be required to sign the Sex Offender’s Register for a period of time. For the most serious sexual offences they will be required to remain on the register for life. It is for that reason that the early engagement of specialist legal representation is essential when you are accused of a sexual offence.

It is essential that anyone accused of a sexual offence has specialist representation from solicitors who are experienced in this field. Freeman & Co. have a team of specialist criminal defence solicitors who can advise and assist our client at every stage of proceedings involving allegations of sexual offences, from the police station through to a trial at the Crown Court.

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